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Goverment and Public Institutions

Since the terrorist attacks of 9-11 and the Madrid and London train bombings, security measures have been taking place everywhere. The fastest-growing market segment however, has been the government sector...


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Industrial Facilities

Warehouse and distribution facilities face special security and safety situations. Personnel safety, inventory security, hazard recognition and response, traffic and perimeter access control are just a few of management’s concerns.


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In today’s global environment, the requirement for powerful transportation security measures has never been greater at ports, airports, bus and rail networks and maritime operations. Those responsible for ensuring the...


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Bolide Technology Group, Inc. es uno de los principales fabricantes a nivel mundial y distribuidor certificado ISO 9001:2015 de productos de vigilancia de circuito cerrado de televisión y accesorios. Cuenta con una prestigiosa historia de más de 25 años ofreciendo productos de alta calidad, con tecnología de punta y un servicio excepcional al cliente.

Bolide ofrece una línea completa de equipos de CCTV: cámaras, grabadores de video digital, sistemas matriciales, monitores y accesorios tales como cables, conectores y fuentes de alimentación.

What tops the list of camera recording features, intelligent analytics, and camera technology that will hit 2017 for the CCTV industry? What are your customers in need of the most? Who needs to upgrade? and most importantly, what features will the industry adopt this year? Stay ahead of the industry and get a glimpse of securing the future in this short webinar.

November 17th, 2016 @ 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. COT

Learn the most user friendly and feature packed Bolide DVR. Learn the new GUI in and out. RTSP, Cloud backup, E-mail alert/schedule, simple backup processes, COC (control over coax).

Quick Connect not connecting? Learn how to trouble shoot the setting to the DVR to get the bolide system back up and online.

Need to add a HDD to the unit? Step by step process to get the unit recording to the HDD in minutes.

Take advantage of the the new COC enabled cameras with the COC enabled SVR9000ATHD/C DVR series. Learn how to properly work the functions to change the way you use 1080P DVRs.

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September 22th, 2016 @ 11a.m. - 12p.m. PDT

Learn the newest technical analytics for the IP camera market, and what accessories can help make the perfect IP based surveillance system . Get educated and up to date with IP surveillance word.

Video analytics has come a long way over the last few years in terms of capabilities and accessibility. In the past years, analytics were primarily used by and available to large, corporate or government systems. This required powerful servers to run each application along with high-end infrastructure.

Now, due to maturing analytic engines and the exponential increase in camera and server processing power, analytics is now available to different kinds of users and in a variety of environments. Analytics can run on the camera (edge) or on a server running multiple video streams or multiple applications.

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June 23rd, 2016 @ 2p.m. EST

Master Your Agelo HD Over Coax Cameras

Learn how the newest features can help make your installations easier and improve results.

During the 40 minutes we would like to inform you on:

  • What each and every setting Bolide Quick Switch can do
  • We will show you a walk through process of the settings
  • We will demonstrate how making changes to settings can affect your picture

** Space is LIMITED Sing up now!

Starting May 5th 2016

21st Century Distributing, the Southeast's Premier Integration distributor of residential and commercial audio, video, security and surveillance products, will be hitting the road for the second year with its Integration Innovation Roadshow. Keeping with last year's trends, 21st Century will showcase participating vendor products with its one of a kind, 50ft product integration demo wall. This years' focus will be wireless protocols such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Z wave, RF, etc.

More Info:

Counter Day | TRI-ED Alburquerque | May 19th, 2016

Sponsorship Fee Includes Pre-Show advertising to dealers, exposure to many TOP TRI-ED customers, 110V included at table and more...

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April 15-17, Las Vegas, NV, USA

ISC WEST is THE largest security industry trade show in the U.S. At ISC West you will have the chance to meet with technical reps from 1,000+ exhibitors and brands in the security industry and network with over 28,000 security professionals.

April 28-30, Ciudad de México, México

As of 2015 , Mexico will see reflected Benefits of Structural Reforms constitutional character.

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