960H Selectable, Quick Connect Technology DVR 16CH

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960H represents the number of effective pixels in the horizontal direction of the CCD image sensor. This is a drastic improvement over the previous industry standard of 760 horizontal lines giving 960H a 30% increase in the number of effective pixels. There are a variety of 960H cameras in the market although; there are very few digital video recorders that can record and playback video under the same resolution. The previous industry standard was capable of only capturing 540 TVL (TV lines) where as our 960H DVR’s will capture the full 700 TVL.

Bolide Technology Group released its SVR9000CHD series with selectable 960H/D1 recording function. With the new 960H generation of digital video recorders your record and playback quality will be significantly better than a standard analogue system. The SVR9000HD series has been offered with a 4CH, 8CH, and 16CH that supports H.264 compression as well as the option to remote view using the iPhone, Android OS, Windows Mobile, Symbian and blackberry.

Now, The SVR9000CHDP Series has evolved to include Quick Connect Technology. This, meaning that there is no longer a need to manually port forward or utilize DDNS servers. Every DVR of SVR9000CHDP Series automatically opens these ports to communicate with your router and includes an ID or QR code specific to that DVR. This QR code can be scanned using our Bolide DVR application available on iOS or Android devices. This will enable the user to automatically sync to their DVR and watch all of these cameras come to life on a mobile device.

The SVR9000CHDP Series gives the customer full central management of up to 128 DVR’s with live viewing of up to 64 video streams and a virtual matrix for each DVR connected. All of this comes with free licensing and a unique multiscreen feature that allows you to extend your DVR to 3 monitors with options of having live view, playback and E-maps all being displayed at the same time.

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