4 Channels Active Video Receiver

BE8016AR4 Bolide® Technology Group
BE8016AR4||| BE8016AR4||| Bolide® Technology Group|||

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  • Model: BE8016AR4
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    Discontinued Product


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Your CCTV video over cat5 installation has never been easier and more cost effective. Balun is the key component that allows you to transmit VGA, RGB, YPbPr. YCbCr, S-Video and Composite video or audio over Cat5. It's important to use video baluns when sending video over Cat5 since the impedance specifications of Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6 are 100 ohms. Video requires 75 ohm impedance and you'll introduce artifacts to your video without a balun. Basically, if there's an impedance mismatch the signal will be reflected from the receiver back to the transmitter causing delays in the signal transmission; the delays have a ghosting effect on the picture.

Transmit a full motion color or monochrome video signal and data signal, Color range 1500 meters, B/W video signal up to 2400 meters, five position distance range switch on Receiver, system is integrated with alarm sensor or data, built-in transient protection and ground lifting, damagin voltage and spike problems are eliminated, power Supply Included.

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