Digital Screen TFT LCD Monitor with removable Sun visor

BV8007/BV8010 Bolide® Technology Group
BV8007/BV8010|||| BV8007/BV8010|||| Bolide® Technology Group||||

Additional Info

  • Model: BV8007/BV8010
  • Product Status:

    Discontinued Product


  • Optical Information

  • Lens

  • IR Ilumination

  • Mechanical

  • Environmental

  • Electrical

  • Video

  • Audio

  • Interfaces

  • General

  • PTZ Functions

  • PTZ Mechanical


Our Monitor BV8010 has been design for applications where is needed a local preview of a CCTV system in a tight space. With this device the users can discreetly visualize a really good definition image.

The BV8010 becomes an ideal device for applications in transportation as well as a portable screen in installations and maintenance activities.

The mirror function of the BV8010 is a useful tool when used in reverse systems.

The 400cd/m2 brightness of its screen delivers better quality image in comparison with other solutions in the market.

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