High Power Indoor LED Infrared Illuminator

BE-IR50/160 Bolide® Technology Group
BE-IR50/160||| BE-IR50/160||| Bolide® Technology Group|||

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Turn your ordinary CCTV camera into a high powered night vision camera with the BE-IR50/160. With the high power 48 IR LEDs, the BE-IR50/160 will illuminate a distance of up to 160ft (50 m) in front of your camera in the dark. An IR illuminator is a great idea for any camera that needs to see in the dark but where the installation of traditional lighting fixtures is not an option. This could be because of cost reasons, so as to keep the camera covert, or so as not to disturb the neighbors.

Impact resistant sheel, high power 48 pcs infrared LED, IR range up to 160 feet, 12VDC, ideal to transform any camera to night vision.

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