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SD Card Totally Covert Plug & Play Radio Nanny Camera

BM3108 Bolide® Technology Group
BM3108 BM3108 Bolide® Technology Group

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What looks like a regular Digital Clock is actually recording every movement! It's almost impossible to detect this hidden camera disguised as a regular looking Digital Clock. The hidden Digital Clock camera features motion-activated recording that begins the second a motion is detected. With motion-activation, you will never have to fast forward through hours of boring footage looking for the action. To view video, easily connect to your TV using the RCA cable or simply take a second to swap the removable SD card with another empty card to continue recording while you playback the first one on your PC. The BM3108 SD Card self recording hidden camera can record up to 2.5 hours of video for every GB of SD card memory. You can use larger capacity SD cards to record more video. This model comes with a 2GB SD card and a SD card reader that the user can connect to their computer. This unit also comes with software that the user can load onto their computer to view the video in the SD card. Other hidden cameras may have signs that exposes it as a hidden camera. The BM3108 is totally covert because it looks exactly the same as a Coby digital clock radio to the naked eye. This hidden camera has two ways to record. One is a motion detector which will activate the hidden camera if there is motion in its path. The other way to record video is through continuous recording.


  • Totally Covert - Can not see any differences from outside. All functions are working well. Never would think that is a hidden camera!
  • High Resolution - SONY CCD color camera delivers crystal clear images
  • Scheduled Recording - Recording starts at a specific time of your choice
  • Motion-Activated Recording ?Only records when a motion is detected
  • Adjustable Motion Detection Sensitivity
  • Removable SD card, and compatible with standard SD Card which allows you to record and store days of recording
  • User friendly on screen menu can be easily accessed with the IR remote
  • RCA cable allows to connect with any monitor or TV to view footage


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