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Varifocal Dome with 1000TVL and Wide Dynamic Range function

[refimgBC2209AVAIRWDR 123] 1/3” Mpx 1000TVL Resolution 2.8-12mm MP Lens Weather Proof Wide Dynamic Range Discontinued

WDR Cameras

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BN-NVR/64NXPOE Back up Camera for mobile applications 720P BN-NVR/64NXPOE 1/4” IT Sensor, Resolution 720P 20Mts IR Distance, High Dynamic Range Vandal Proof H.265 Network Video Recorder Display Split 1/4/6/8/9/10/13/14/16/32/36/64 1 HDMI (up to...

Network Video Recorders

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Weatherproof Miniature B/W Bullet Camera

1/3" B/W CCD 420 lines resolution 1.0 Lux low light sensitivity Power Consumption: 100mA Shutter Speed: 1/60 ~ 1/100,000 sec Discontinued

Multipurpose Cameras

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The markets that Bolide® Technology Group provides surveillance solutions for are as diverse as the thousands of clients and customers that we serve. It would be impossible to list each and every industry, trade, or profession that we offer products and end results to because there are literally thousands of different types of businesses, applying these to a variety of needs and concerns.

These markets are different in many ways, however; they also have one thing in common. They each have similar needs and concerns that Bolide® has proven success in solving. Effectiveness in eliminating loss, boosting efficiency, improving safety and increasing profitability are a few of the common threads that run through all of Bolide®’s markets.

Listed below are a few examples of some specific applications:

Retailers big and small face the daily challenge of shrinkage from internal and external theft. Commonly known as shoplifting, external elements of shrinkage are a cold hard fact of operating a retail business. Internal shrinkage, also known as employee theft, accounts for nearly 50% of all losses retailers’ experience.

Bank and financial institutions are one of the most neuralgic contexts to protect, with focuses on staff, customers and the need to monitor all money transactions from ATMs and branch offices to data centers and cash depots. It brings on the table a matter of reliability, goodwill, and efficiency that customers must perceive from these institutions in order to feel save and to trust their assets and investments.

Educational facilities including elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, college campuses can be challenging in terms of providing a comprehensive plan for security. Video surveillance and access control system for these campus settings, due to their large geographical footprints, can get somewhat complex and generally requires a different level of expertise from the selected systems integrator.

Property crimes and the crimes that impact residential communities and associations have been on the increase. Bolide®’s video surveillance has been extremely effective in improving the safety and security of these neighborhoods and residents.

Warehouse and distribution facilities face special security and safety situations. Personnel safety, inventory security, hazard recognition and response, traffic and perimeter access control are just a few of management’s concerns.

Gaming facilities, such as casinos, and other entertainment operations, such as theme parks and museums, need the most powerful high surveillance tools. They need 24 hour monitoring in order to avoid vandalism, scams, thefts, and acts of violence, especially since so many consumers visit them on a daily basis. A superiority casino surveillance system is a critical business tool used to settle gaming disputes, monitor public safety and expose fraud, cheating and theft.

Since the terrorist attacks of 9-11 and the Madrid and London train bombings, security measures have been taking place everywhere. The fastest-growing market segment however, has been the government sector, which can be broken down into city halls, court buildings and correctional facilities, customs and immigration offices, public safety, streets/intersections, and military.

Medical facilities provide one of the most vital services to a community. These facilities that include hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, doctor’s offices, and pharmaceutical areas are places where the patients and their families, as well as the medical providers themselves deserve the best security and safety that technology can provide.

Video Surveillance is the perfect security solution for hotels, motels, resorts and other types of paid lodging. With the demand for hotel rooms and space constantly increasing, the security of guests, hotel property and employees has become more important than ever. A carefully designed system of security cameras can help secure any hotel or resort and give its guests the peace of mind they deserve.

In today’s global environment, the requirement for powerful transportation security measures has never been greater at ports, airports, bus and rail networks and maritime operations. Those responsible for ensuring the smooth running of this critical infrastructure have to contend with a broad range of challenges from petty vandals, professional criminals and even terrorist attack.

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