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iPac Series WDR Dome Camera

H.264 Compression Standard 758 x 540 D1@30fps Seawolf Digital Signal Procesor 690 TVL Resolution Supports SD Card Back up to 32GB


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iPac Series WDR Bullet Camera

H.264 Video Compression Standard 758x540 D1@30fps Seawolf Digital Signal Procesor 690 TVL Resolution Supports SD Card Back Up to 32GB


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PoE Network Video Recorder 8 Channel

PoE Network Video Recorder 8 Channel BN-NVR / S8PoE Playback and Live to Web Browser PC&MAC remote client application ownload to iTunes / Google play Playback and...

DIS Video Recording

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Bank and financial institutions are one of the most neuralgic contexts to protect, with focuses on staff, customers and the need to monitor all money transactions from ATMs and branch offices to data centers and cash depots. It brings on the table a matter of reliability, goodwill, and efficiency that customers must perceive from these institutions in order to feel save and to trust their assets and investments.

Meeting specific surveillance needs for financial institutions

ATM monitoring solutions for both indoor and outdoor use- Financial institutions also face the reality that comes with ATMs: vandalism, attacks, robberies, and fraud. Often placed in open, unsecured locations with people loitering or walking by at all hours of the day, we know ATMs pose a unique security challenge for these companies. Yet, keeping ATMs operational is vital to any bank’s business.

High-resolution lobby cameras - Thanks to Wide Dynamic Range cameras, such as the ones Bolide® offers with PIXIM® Technology, they bring the best imaging with color and enough detail to recognize faces.

Use two-way audio to remotely control situations - Gain a better understanding of what’s happening and interact with others by issuing instructions or warnings, as well as hearing responses.

Capture HD quality video of all incidents, thus shortening investigation times - For recording, you can use standard IP-based storage solutions, which means that you no longer have to worry about malfunctioning recorders that can take weeks to replace.

Bolide portfolio of cameras delivers best image quality for this institutions with a complete range of cameras IP and analog with Wide Dynamic Range function.

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