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1100TVL Superb Resolution Varifocal Bullet Camera 3 axis

IP66 1100 TVL Resolution 0,01 lux (AGC on, IE off) Smart IR feature Impact Resistant

Raphael Series

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1100TVL Varifocal - IP66 Vandal Proof Dome Camera

HD Analog Camera Technology 0,01 Lux (AGC On, IE Off) 1100 TVL resolution Lens 2.8mm - 12mm, IR Corrected Vandal Proof

Raphael Series

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Outdoor Eyeball IR Varifocal Camera with IT Sensor

Advance It ImageE Sensor 700TV Lines Resolution 2.8-12mm Megapixel Lens IR Cut-filter Built-in Day/Night function Discontinued


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Educational Facilities

Educational facilities including elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, college campuses can be challenging in terms of providing a comprehensive plan for security. Video surveillance and access control system for these campus settings, due to their large geographical footprints, can get somewhat complex and generally requires a different level of expertise from the selected systems integrator. New IP Based – Video surveillance and access control technology has the ability to provide the added level safety and security for students and faculty, in the classrooms, laboratories or libraries, in the parking lots and common areas as well as in the public arenas and dormitories.

Benefits of Education Surveillance

Building Security and Deterrence

When Video Surveillance Cameras are properly used in a community, they have been proven to effective in creating a layer of security, that acts as a deterrence to those who might otherwise commit a crime in that area. While there are no absolute guarantees of prevention, the awareness of the use of cameras has been well documented to reducing these crimes.

Student Security

Student movement from building to building during the routine course of a day requires them to walk between buildings, across walkways or parking lots. Sometimes this occurs after daylight hours or during hours when there are few other students nearby. Monitored and recorded video surveillance can assist in making this required student movement safer and provide additional piece of mind to the students on that campus.

Parking Lots

Students, faculty and visitors all use parking areas and these are common areas of criminal activity. Video surveillance cameras are commonly used in parking lots and garages for the prevention and deterrence of criminal activity.

Remote Monitoring

Today’s video surveillance systems are typically accessed and managed across the network. This means that the video whether live or recorded, can be viewed or reviewed remotely. This can be done from anywhere in the school, college or university or remotely from another location or by connecting via the Internet. Secured by a user name and password, only those authorized by the educational facility would have access the video.


Today’s digital video management solutions enable campus safety directors or school security personnel to monitor school campuses easily at a cost that shrinking school budgets can afford.

These are Bolide’s suggested products for indoor and outdoor applications in Educational facilities:

BC6709-AVAIR28EFO, BN2035IRIP, Analog and IP PTZ cameras for perimeters and more...

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