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Outdoor IR Varifocal Dome Camera with IT Sensor

[refimgBC6609/28/T 123] 0 Lux IR on Day/Night function 700TV Lines Resolution IR Cut-filter Built-in Vandal Proof Discontinued


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1100TVL Superb Resolution Varifocal Bullet Camera 3 axis

IP66 1100 TVL Resolution 0,01 lux (AGC on, IE off) Smart IR feature Impact Resistant

Raphael Series

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2 Megapixel Vandal Proof & IP66 Mini Dome Camera with SD Slot

IP66 Mini Dome Camera with SD Slot BN5009M2M CMOS Processor High Resolution 1080p H.264 video compression IP66 weather rating 3-axis design CMOS Processor High Resolution 1080p H.264 video compression IP66 Environmental Protection SD Card Slot...

DIS iPacMeg

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Medical facilities provide one of the most vital services to a community. These facilities that include hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, doctor’s offices, and pharmaceutical areas are places where the patients and their families, as well as the medical providers themselves deserve the best security and safety that technology can provide. CCTV systems provide a valuable resource for these medical facilities since they can aid in securing the area and allow the medical staff to focus on their patent’s needs. Controlling access hospitals and healthcare facilities for the security of personnel, patients, medical records as required under HIPAA is not only important but many times required or mandated. Security of the drugs kept on hand as well as the expensive medical and diagnostics equipment is not only logical but save the facility thousands of dollars in losses and increased costs.

Security Camera Solutions in Healthcare Facilities

Security of Records

HIPAA regulations require the security of all medical records and patient information, which typically contains the most confidential, and private information individuals will ever have. Many medical care facilities use video surveillance on the areas where medical files are kept or filed to assist in keeping this information secure.

Drug Theft

Video surveillance cameras and access control are commonly used in inventory and storage areas, especially where medical supplies and drugs are kept. Access control in particular can provide a verifiable audit trail of who had access to these areas, which can deter and eliminating theft and unauthorized access.

Video Monitoring

The network capabilities of video surveillance today makes the remote monitoring of a facility by management or an authorized third party. After hours video monitoring by a central station can provide medical providers the piece of mind knowing that their facility is protected 24 hours a day.

Protect Elder Patients

Adult care facilities with limited budgets and therefore limited personnel, depend on surveillance cameras to monitor patients. Night-time monitoring of hallways and doors can alert workers in the event of a patient wondering around or even worse falling.

Audio Monitoring

Surveillance cameras with audio at the central nursing station keeps management alert to procedure compliance.

We have a broad portfolio of cameras to cover the video surveillance of different areas of public attention and storage In Health Care and Medical facilities as suggestion we invite you to know more about Effio-960H Cameras, Eagle-I for surveillance in darkness with no IR and our PTZmini

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