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10x Zoom Mini PTZ Speed Dome Camera with Auto Flip

1/3" SONY effio-e CCD 0.01 Lux/F1.6 Built-in On-Screen-Display RS485 Communication bus Auto flip function

PTZ Cameras Legacy

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Wide Dynamic Dome Camera

1/3” DPS (Digital Pixel System) Wide Dynamic Range function Vari Focal 4-9.0mm On-Screen Menu Control (OSD) Day/Night fuction Discontinued

WDR Cameras

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1100TVL Superb Resolution Varifocal Bullet Camera 3 axis

IP66 1100 TVL Resolution 0,01 lux (AGC on, IE off) Smart IR feature Impact Resistant

Raphael Series

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Hospitality and Tourism Facilities

Video Surveillance is the perfect security solution for hotels, motels, resorts and other types of paid lodging. With the demand for hotel rooms and space constantly increasing, the security of guests, hotel property and employees has become more important than ever. A carefully designed system of security cameras can help secure any hotel or resort and give its guests the peace of mind they deserve.


  • Security
  • Prevent theft - Internal and External
  • Stop Food Service and Bar shrinkage
  • Remain competitive
  • Customer Service
  • Remote monitoring


Place cameras near entrances and exits in order to get a clear picture of each guest, visitor, employee and vendor or service provider. Bolide®’s HD cameras such as our iPac Meg line of cameras will deliver just that.

Cameras in open areas like lobbies, pools, dining room, bar area and meeting rooms can help prevent petty theft as well as document, for liability purposes, issues arising from accidents and slip and falls. A nice day/night function will be effective even in the lowest of light conditions while still showing clear color pictures and our Vandal Proof Seawolf WDR IR Dome Camera would be the perfect camera for those areas.

Cameras on all POS, liquor pantry, receiving area for food and supplies will drastically reduce employee theft and increases productivity.

Cameras placed around a hotel’s perimeter can help secure the building and facilities from unauthorized entry. Bolide®’s PTZ cameras can be really useful in these areas and can be linked up to a video wall within the hotel where security personal can truly have an eye on all areas. And our display monitors are a perfect choice for the most sophisticated security, surveillance and monitoring operations. With the latest LCD technology they deliver the sharpest and brightest video pictures.

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