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Outdoor IR Varifocal Bullet Camera with IT Sensor

Outdoor IR Varifocal Bullet Camera with IT Sensor BC683628TP Advanced it image sensor Images 24 hours a day 2.8 - 12mm mega pixel lens 800 TVL Resolution 0 Lux IR...

Tiger-i Plus

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Outdoor IR Bullet Camera with IT Sensor

Advance IT Image Sensor 700TV Lines Resolution 0 Lux IR on IR Cut-filter Built-in 3.6mm Megapixel Lens Discontinued


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PoE Network Video Recorder 8 Channel

PoE Network Video Recorder 8 Channel BN-NVR / S8PoE Playback and Live to Web Browser PC&MAC remote client application ownload to iTunes / Google play Playback and...

DIS Video Recording

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Retailers big and small face the daily challenge of shrinkage from internal and external theft. Commonly known as shoplifting, external elements of shrinkage are a cold hard fact of operating a retail business. Internal shrinkage, also known as employee theft, accounts for nearly 50% of all losses retailers’ experience.

Video surveillance cameras with proper advance notification of their use can act as a strong deterrence to shrinkage, internal or external. The prevention of theft and the elimination of these losses are especially critical to protect the profitability and the success of the retail business operation.


Video surveillance cameras should always be used to capture high quality images of customers, vendors and employees who enter and exit the retail store location as a first line of defense. Bolides HD cameras such as our iPac Meg line of cameras will deliver just that.

Observation and recording of activities and personnel with access to inventory, stock areas, storage rooms and other high value locations will help prevent theft and control inventory losses. Bolide’s 960H DVR and NVRs are both designed with that in mind as well as various other features were added to the lines with the customers in mind.

Areas where valuables are displayed such as collectable’s, jewelry and electronics should always have a video surveillance camera fixed on those locations. Wide angle cameras, panoramic dome cameras, 360 degree full view cameras, megapixel or pan, tilt and zoom cameras are a sampling of the technology that can be used to give full usable video and coverage for large or small areas that may be otherwise, difficult to cover. Besides to get the clearest image over the exhibition areas with the more detailed video and accurate highlights it’s really useful to count with Wide Dynamic Range cameras as our iPacWD and analog WDR cameras.

Customer service counters and areas where cash registers are located can benefit from video surveillance with audio enabling management as our IPac line of cameras to watch and hear the interaction between employees and customers.

Retailers often neglect to protect their business from inadvertent losses such as the loss of customers, due to vandalism and theft from customer’s cars in the parking lot. Such losses have a huge impact on the long term success of a retail operation. These areas should be monitored with cameras that have mechanical day/night functions so that no matter what the lighting conditions are, the objects in view can still be identified.

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