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Mobile Digital Video Recorder 4G - 8 Channels 720P High Definition MVR

MVR9108-4GW Mobile Digital Video Recorder 4G - 8 Channels 720P High Definition MVR MVR9108-4GW 8 Channel Video And Audio Inputs File Backup Via Usb Disk, Network & SD H.264 Compression Mobile...

Mobile DVR

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16 Channel 960H H.264 DVR

16 Channel 960H H.264 DVR SVR9016CHD 960x480 live viewing resolution 16 Channels, H.264 compression video data Motion alarm and video loss alarm H.264 compression video data 960x480 live viewing resolution 960H/D1...

Digital Video Recorders

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960H Selectable, Quick Connect Technology DVR 16CH

960H Selectable, DVR 16CH SVR9016CHDP Quick Connect, 960H/D1 resolution 16 Channels, H.264 video compression 1 SATA HDDs, up to 2TB 960H/D1 resolution H.264 video compression 1 SATA HDDs, up to 2TB 16...

Digital Video Recorders

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In today’s global environment, the requirement for powerful transportation security measures has never been greater at ports, airports, bus and rail networks and maritime operations. Those responsible for ensuring the smooth running of this critical infrastructure have to contend with a broad range of challenges from petty vandals, professional criminals and even terrorist attack. Bolide® Technology Group is an industry leader in providing custom solutions to maximize protection against security threats, vandalism, accidents, and frivolous lawsuits. We are equipped to provide mobile video cameras and recording systems for the mass transit, law enforcement, pupil transportation, fleet and heavy equipment industries.


Integrated Transport Solutions – Security equipment developers have applied extensive experience in the transport sector to bring to market sophisticated mobile and static CCTV solutions, systems which can help to secure the safety of passengers and valuable cargos, prevent damage to transport infrastructure, minimize disruption to services and deliver valuable management information.

Security on the Move – Multi-camera digital video recorders are becoming a vital element of transportation security, with considerable interest for public and private transport applications. This is not surprising given the potential of this technology to address the vulnerability, helping operators to spot unusual activity and tackle the day-to-day headaches of vandalism and assaults on passengers and staff.

License Plate Reading – Bolide® offers an intelligent vehicle license plate reading box camera that is perfect for law enforcement.

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