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Hospitality and Tourism Facilities

Video Surveillance is the perfect security solution for hotels, motels, resorts and other types of paid lodging. With the demand for hotel rooms and space constantly increasing, the security of...


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Goverment and Public Institutions

Since the terrorist attacks of 9-11 and the Madrid and London train bombings, security measures have been taking place everywhere. The fastest-growing market segment however, has been the government sector...


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Gaming and Entertainment

Gaming facilities, such as casinos, and other entertainment operations, such as theme parks and museums, need the most powerful high surveillance tools. They need 24 hour monitoring in order to...


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ETL vs. UL Certifications

The purpose of this document is to clarify questions regarding the use and acceptance of ETL product certification versus UL certification on Bolide Technology Group products.


One of the key reasons that Bolide chose to use ETL certifications is that the timeframe in which Intertek™ (ETL) can test and certify products is usually faster than UL.

Intertek™ (ETL) tests to the exact same standards as UL and their certification has the same recognition BY OSHA since they are both Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTLS).

Frequently Asked Questions about the ETL Listed Mark on Bolide products

  • What’s the difference between UL and ETL Listed Marks?

    There is no difference. Both marks demonstrate that the product that bears it has met the minimum requirements of widely accepted product safety standards as determined through the independent testing of a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory ( NRTL ). The only real difference between the marks is the testing laboratory behind them.

  • What is an NRTL?

    A Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) is an independent laboratory recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to test products to the specification of applicable product safety standards – such as those from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and other standards-writing bodies. An NRTL’s function is to provide an independent evaluation, testing, and certification of any electrically operated or gas- and oil-fired product.

  • How long has the ETL Listed Mark been around?

    ETL has been certifying electrical products over 100 years. The original Electrical Testing Labs (ETL) was founded by Thomas Edison in 1896.

  • Do local inspectors know the ETL Listed Mark?

    Yes. The ETL Listed Mark is recognized by local inspectors and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) throughout North America and also in some areas of South America. An NRTL recognized by OSHA, the ETL Listed Mark is an accepted alternative to UL, and such, inspectors and AHJs recognize, acknowledge, and accept the mark as proof of product compliance.

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