Ipac Nx
  • Improved Motion Compensated Prediction
    Blocks of pixels are encoded by making reference to another area in the same frame (intra-prediction), or in another frame (inter-prediction).
  • HEVC can encode motion vectors with much greater precision, giving a better predicted block with less residual error.
  • Macroblocks
    Where H.264/AVC defines macroblocks up to 16×16 pixels, HEVC can describe a much larger range of block sizes, up to 64 x 64 pixels.
  • HEVC allows predicted blocks to be coded in different block sizes than the residual error.
H.264 (AVC)

Bit Rate 1183KBPS

File Size 6.01 MB


H.265 (HVEC)

Bit Rate 610 HBPS

File Size 3.10 MB

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