Cannabis Dispensary in So Cal Inland Empire


One of the biggest cannabis dispensaries with 3 new locations in Southern California, Inland Empire was provided with multiple state of the art security solutions by Bolide Technology Group. With 100+ cameras installed in each location, the goal was to meet regulations in the state of California, below are a few of the regulations that Bolide helped fulfill:

  • Each licensed premises shall have a digital video surveillance system with a minimum camera resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.
  • The surveillance-system storage device or the cameras shall be transmission control protocol (TCP) capable of being accessed through the Internet
  • Areas storing a surveillance-system storage device with at least one camera recording the access points to the secured surveillance recording area


Our Quick Connect App was used to have remote access to all security cameras(100+ per location) installed in each location from one location. 24/7 access to any camera installed that was continuously recording while storing every second to our Linux Based Servers. An important solution that allowed our customer to comply with the State of California regulation (California Security Regulations for Marijuana Grow Ops) of having a minimum of 1 year of video surveillance storage.


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