360 Degree View Mobile System with BSD

Eliminate blind spots
Minimize blind spots and reduce the risk of accidents or collisions.
Precise parking assistance
Ensure smooth operations and avoid damage to the truck or surrounding infrastructure.
Optimize cargo handling
Minimize delays, and optimizing productivity
Fortify Against Theft
Protect the truck and its cargo from theft, vandalism, or unauthorized access
Prevent Accidents
Provide early warnings, enabling swift driver responses to prevent accidents and protect vulnerable road users

How does 360° view mobile system work?

The 360-degree view mobile system for larger vehicles utilizes four ultra-wide-angle cameras strategically installed around the vehicle to capture comprehensive image information of its surroundings. This system seamlessly integrates the captured images using advanced panoramic image stitching and equalization algorithms, resulting in a high-definition panoramic view.

Drivers can easily assess their surroundings by observing the panoramic display inside the vehicle, enabling comprehensive 360-degree surveillance to address blind spot issues commonly encountered by large vehicles. This product is versatile and suitable for various vehicle types such as buses, coaches, utility vehicles, and specialized vehicles.

AI Functions:

360 AVM: 360°no blind area monitoring, the pictures switch to each other.

BSD blind spot monitoring: Right side, front blind zone monitoring and early warning.

See 360° view mobile system without BSD

BSD Blind Spot Monitoring

The 360-Degree View Mobile System detects blind spot objects, triggering audio and visual alerts for swift action. Stay safe with warning sounds, flashing lights, and voice prompts, ensuring surrounding pedestrians and vehicles navigate safely around your dump truck.

Four-channel HD video recording

Equipped with four high-resolution cameras strategically positioned around the truck, our system captures a seamless 360-degree view of the vehicle's surroundings in real-time. Each camera channel provides crystal-clear imaging for superior visibility.

360 Degrees SVG ImagePanoramic View
High Resolution Image1080p High Resolution

1080P AHD Panoramic Camera

  • 1.6mm Len (210 Degree)
  • 1/2.9" CMOS GC2053 Image Sensor
  • IP67 Waterproof &Vandalproof
  • Low Power Consumption

Effortless Calibration

Achieve precision calibration effortlessly with our advanced system. Simply position the calibration mats at each corner of the vehicle and initiate the process on our intuitive mobile application. Experience professional-grade accuracy with unparalleled ease.