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HD Over Coax PTZ, Bolide technology group, san Dimas, California.
Full Size PTZ with Powerful Zoom Capabilities • 30x Optical Zoom Allow Users Zoom Hundred of Feet Out Durable High-Speed Motor • Quickly Move Between User-Defined Presets, Tours, and Positions In A Blink Of An Eye • Premium Components for Extended Life Span and Millions of Rotation Auto-Tracking • Follow Moving Persons and Objects As They Enter and Exit The Camera's View
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IP Auto-Tracking PTZ
5MP 40x Optical Zoom IR PTZ Network Camera | BN1009/PTZ-5.0P | Bolide Technology Group
IP Auto-Tracking PTZ
4MP 30x Optical Zoom IR PTZ Network Camera | BN1009/PTZ-4.0P | Bolide Technology Group

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