Light and Audible Deterrence Solution
Safety is one of our top concerns,and now we have an intelligent surveillance camera, that can meet all your security needs.
whether you're a business owner or a homeowner our intelligent surveillance camera can provide you with most comprehensive security protection our camera not only emits warning sounds and lights and can speak through the camera to alert you of any unusual activity. But also has powerful night vision capabilities allowing you to monitor targets clearly even in the dark in addition.
Our intelligent surveillance camera is equipped with multiple intelligent monitoring functions such as cross counting, crowd density detection, face recognition, heat map, human detection, license plate, recognition line crossing detection, perimeter intrusion detection, line length detection, abnormal sound detection and stationary object detection.
which can quickly identify abnormal situations and issue timely alerts to ensure the safety of you your family or your company our intelligence surveillance camera can easily connect to your computer
phone and other devices allowing you to view the surveillance footage
anytime and anywhere ensuring your safety.