2K Next-Generation Bodycam | BV-BCAM2



Security Services

Limited Deterrence: Reduced deterrent effect, potentially increasing the likelihood of security threats.

Accountability Challenges: Holding security personnel accountable for their actions is challenging without visual records.

Higher Risk of False Allegations: Higher risk of false accusations, which can impact reputation and legal standing.

Inefficiencies in Incident Response: Lack of recorded documentation hinders the ability to analyze and improve responses to security incidents.

Field and Operational work

Ineffective Training: The lack of real-life scenarios with recorded documentation for training program.

Challenges in Maintenance Procedures: No recorded evidence of maintenance activities to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Employee Safety Concerns: The absence of visible recording devices compromise employee safety measures.

Limited Incident Reconstruction: Inability to accurately reconstruct incidents impede learning from past events.

Law Enforcement

Accountability Issues: Challenges in holding law enforcement officers accountable and reducing transparency in their actions.

Evidentiary Challenges: Investigations into incidents lack crucial visual evidence, leading to difficulties in resolving cases.

Public Trust Erosion: Erode public trust in law enforcement, impacting community relations.

Legal Vulnerability: Be vulnerable to legal challenges, affecting their ability to defend against disputes or accusations.

Documenting Evidence with our BV-BCAM2

  • Crip images in different lighting conditions
  • Edge Recording or Real time Cloud recording using 4G
  • Automatic Wifi Back up or Dock Station
  • Emergency Button
  • Front Facing camera and rear camera for real time Video Calls

Monitoring GPS location of your team

  • Message BCAM to BCAM or Software to BCAM or Software to BCAMS
  • Create Groups
  • Multi User Setting
  • Real time GPS with Geo Fences

Unique Structure

Charging Solutions