Stella and Chewys Case Study | Bolide Technology Group, san dimas california, BN8029AI,BN8036AI,BN8029AVAIRAI,BN9036,BN9029AVAIR,BN-NVR/32NXPOE,BN-NVR/64NXPOE

Members of project: Stella and Chewys 

Location: 111 West Oakview Parkway
Oak Creek, WI 53154

Background: Project Scope - Video Surveillance System Upgrade - Upgrading from old generation IP camera systems to new 5MP and 4K Cameras

Stella and Chewys is currently experiencing major expansion and in order to keep security a priority they decided to update their old generation systems to new 5MP & 4K Cameras, cameras with the capability to capture high resolution video with a combination of a powerful video NVR as it will use central monitoring for all Bolide system on main office.


Products Used

  • BN8036AI 
    • Facial Recognition 5MP High Definition Varifocal Lens IR | BN8036AI
  • BN8029AI
    • Facial recognition 5MP H.265 Outdoor IR Motorized Varifocal Lens | BN8029AI
    • Facial Recognition 5MP IR Varifocal Lens | BN8029AVAIRAI
  • BN9036
    • 4K Motorized Varifocal Lens IR Bullet Camera | BN9036
  • BN9029AVAIR
    • Facial Recognition + 4K Motorized Varifocal Lens IR Vandal-proof Dome Camera | BN9029AVAIRAI
    • H.265 32 Channel NVR with 32-Port POE | BN-NVR/32NXPOE
    • 4K NVR 64-Channel 4K NVR | BN-NVR/64NXPOE

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